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About us

We are a team of young and enthusiastic people who are not indifferent to the future development of human civilization in our world. We want to do as much as we are able to do ourselves and help change things.

We do not go radically and do not say that we are changing the world with great steps, rather we are trying to show that we can all of us make a small step every day, which is essential and important in the global scale because after some time it will be a big change.´s mission is to promote brands, projects and people who create value in sustainability. Producers of ethical modes, products made of natural materials and people who are actively involved in researching new, ecological alternatives to the products we use daily.


Our ambitions are to show people that we do not have to take big steps and change ourselves and our surroundings in a radical way just to live in harmony with nature and ecology. We want to show that we don't have to do anything big and painful to make better decisions and help nature. Conventional products such as fashion or hygiene products can now be fully replaced by eco-friendly alternatives that ensure the same or better standard, and the full quality of the products is a matter of course.
The products of our brands meet the criteria of our values that we want to surround. All the things you buy here are made ecologically and made of natural materials or they are locally made in the USA.




Our vision grows from a clear answer to this question. We say aloud: Yes, it all And yes, it is simple as that…Literally! The truth is that, unlike the popular belief, going eco does require any upside-down or restrictive life change.

The old saying actually does not lie: big things, indeed, start with small steps! Thus, we CAN all BE more ECOlogical by making small decisions every day without breaking our usual routine. is here to give you a hand on that! We are an online market place offering relevant and high-quality ecological alternatives that will not only keep, but also enhance your living standards.

Our mission is to provide for your every day little steps – making them easy, almost unnoticeable for you, but giant for humankind.


At we support 5 - 10 % people and organizations that provide a value of doing good things. 

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